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Just like every vote counts, city’s stance on environment matters

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Regarding Viki Farrow’s letter to the editor, “Maplewood delivers theatrics over Paris climate agreement” (June 16):

The St. Charles writer who took Maplewood to task for respecting the Paris climate agreement apparently is lacking in empathy with our world of science. We moved from St. Louis to Maplewood in the 1930s because my mom had lung problems (tuberculosis). Our clean air saved mom’s life. We are proud of our city and are saddened that someone from St. Charles would stoop to demeaning our municipality and our feeling that man-made global warming must be addressed.

God created a wonderful planet for us and we have a responsibility to do what we can to keep it unspoiled. To say that Maplewood’s commitment to the Paris agreement is of little consequence also says that I, as one individual, should not bother to vote in an election because my single vote is not important.

William Jones • Maplewood

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