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There is a humanitarian crisis at the border and as Americans, Christians and pro-life people, we should all be outraged. I am outraged that these injustices are being committed in my name with my tax dollars. If we’re going to detain people, then as the richest nation in the world, and with our president who has vast experience housing people in hotels, it behooves us to treat all people with respect and keep families together.

My outrage is mostly impotent. Rep. Ann Wagner and Senators Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley, however, have a chance to do something about it. Will these lawmakers do the right thing and stop the mistreatment of these people who are seeking the refuge of our great country? Will they even give lip service to the unacceptable way these people are being treated by our government? They profess to be Christians and promote Christian values — I ask, what would Jesus do? Would he be proud of their choices?

Leslie Morelli • Chesterfield