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Our country is currently experiencing a medical crisis due to vaping. Across the country, at least nine people have died while more than 500 have been sickened. This crisis has been elevated to the office of the president, and at least three governors are invoking executive orders to combat this problem.

The response has been swift and intentional, as it should be. However, in the U.S., about 100 people a day are being killed and several hundred others injured with guns, but we hear crickets from a large majority of our elected leaders. We hear phrases such as gun issues need legislative attention, we need to protect our Constitution, and we will address the gun issue when we are back in session. I don’t believe we need a special session at this time.

So I ask, when will our elected leaders, at all levels, jump into action and address our issue of murders and injuries caused by too many guns in the hands of bad guys on the streets of major metropolitan cities? The vaping crisis started about three months ago and is getting some real action and resolve by our elected officials. Guns, in the hands of individuals with bad intentions, have plagued our urban areas for decades. It's time for an elected official stand up and say: This may not be in my best interest, but we have to reevaluate our gun laws immediately to get guns out of the hands of unlawful people and, at the same time, protect our lawful gun owners.

Finally, let’s hope we continue to make immediate progress with the vaping crisis because, before too long, there may be a vaping equivalent of the National Rifle Association, and then many of our elected officials will be mandated to slow-roll any vaping solutions.

Bill Bommarito • Kirkwood