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15-year-old boy shot, killed at home in north St. Louis County

Ronetta Davis, 16, center, is consoled by her cousin Sonota Rush, right, near the a homicide scene in the 10300 block of Ross Circle in north St. Louis County where Ronetta's 15-year-old brother Antoine Brown was shot and killed in his home on Friday.

Sept. 27, 2919 Photo by David Carson,

Regarding the violence in St. Louis: The meetings of religious leaders will not stop the violence. Do they really believe the criminals go to church or care what they say? Why are children riding in cars or out in the streets in the middle of the night? Don’t they attend school and need to sleep instead of breaking curfews? Shouldn’t the children’s parents be held accountable?

And a very important fact, when stopped by police for any reason — stop, don’t run. Things always turn out better if you obey law enforcement officers. Any person who is stopped by police would normally be anxious; I know I would. But I would listen and do what they say. The respect for law enforcement needs to be taught in the home starting at an early age.

James Johnson • Oakville