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Letter: Abortion column used misdirection to sidestep substance

Letter: Abortion column used misdirection to sidestep substance

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Jerry Falwell poses in front of the Statehouse in Trenton, N.J., with his singers and American flags in the background on Nov. 10, 1980.

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Regarding Randall Balmer's guest column "The religious right and the abortion myth" (Oct. 7): I always get a kick out of this genre of commentary. For those who want to take a crack at it, here's how to do it: Simply take any legitimate issue of debate, find some tenuous bit of evidence that some people once held the opinion opposed to the writer's own in bad faith, and then somehow conclude that this renders your opposition’s view null and void.

Of course, the writer shouldn't mention the fact that this sleight of hand has completely sidestepped the actual substance of the issue. That would defeat the whole reason for the writer's sophistry in the first place. Using this method, everyone can win every debate without ever contending with the opposing arguments, while simultaneously smearing opponents by implying that they may also be hiding the true, nefarious reasons for believing what they say they do.

As a side note, it’s a funny kind of white supremacism to advocate for a position that the results of which would be an increase in Black birth rates.

Caleb Bucshon • University City 

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