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Rush Island Energy Center

The coal-fired Rush Island Energy Center electricity generation plant owned by Ameren Missouri in Jefferson County as seen on Wednesday, April 18, 2019. Photo by David Carson,

Regarding “Editorial distorts Ameren’s environmental record” (Oct. 11): I had to laugh as I read Ameren’s Michael Moehn’s defense of polluting our environment. It read like one of their ads — and served the same purpose.

Ameren pollutes because they are not a “neighbor.” They are a corporation, designed only for profit. Some corporations take better actions — probably because they must keep their consumer base to remain in business. See, that is the rub: Ameren does not. It is a huge, monopoly, for-profit corporation. It's officials spend more time courting the Public Service Commission and legislators than they do you. They trade shares that are valued based on the company's profitability. They hope we don’t realize the cost to our health and run to a lawyer. Litigation and judgments cost them money.

Why else would the chairman and president of Ameren take the time to write a letter? Thanks, Post-Dispatch, for your original, thoughtful editorial, “If corporate responsibility is too expensive, litigate the problem or bury it.

Chris Alt • Labadie