Letter: Don’t honor King Louis IX; we must change city’s name

Letter: Don’t honor King Louis IX; we must change city’s name

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Burnin' Love Festival kicks off 250 years of St. Louis

Fireworks over the statue of King Louis IX of France in front of the St. Louis Art Museum close the Burnin' Love Festival in Forest Park on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014. Cold weather postponed the Valentine's Day kickoff of the 250th birthday of St. Louis. Photo by Robert Cohen, rcohen@post-dispatch.com

Regarding “Columbus as supremacist? Some with Italian roots reject him” (June 17): Political correctness may leave very few statues left standing. Even though Henry Shaw chose Christopher Columbus for one of his three main Tower Grove Park statues because he represented the Italian immigrants to this country, that statue is now gone because Columbus treated 15th century indigenous cultures badly.

While we’re at it, why don’t we just go ahead and close Tower Grove Park and the Missouri Botanical Garden because, even though he left these wonderful things to us, Shaw was a slave holder, and he treated some of his slaves badly.

We can also remove George Washington from Lafayette Park, and Thomas Jefferson from the History Museum, because they were slave holders. We can ban Wagner’s music and Martin Luther’s writings because of their anti-Semitic remarks, and Shakespeare’s plays because he wrote “The Merchant of Venice.” And of course anything related to Charles Lindbergh must go, because of his enthusiasm for the German Luftwaffe and the science of eugenics. These removals will just scratch the surface.

But most importantly, we must change our city’s name, because King Louis IX of France discriminated against Jews and led two crusades to the Middle East, slaughtering thousands of innocent “infidel” Muslims and Jews as he went.

Once we’ve eliminated all the historical characters deemed flawed by today’s standards, we can perhaps call our new city “PC Paradise.”

Linda Koenig • Chesterfield

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