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Supreme Court Immigration

People rally outside the Supreme Court Tuesday as oral arguments are heard in the case of President Donald Trump's decision to end the Obama-era, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

When you see the words STL Life, like the Post-Dispatch Sunday features section, what comes to mind? A section believed to pertain to arts, home and travel in the surrounding area. Columnist Aisha Sultan somehow intertwines her hatred of President Donald Trump with every topic she possibly can, such as her column “What if DACA recipients followed the Trump family’s footsteps?” (Nov. 17). She disregards that the parent of the children in question broke a law and are in the country illegally.

Even if she wrote a column on the excessive amount of crime in St. Louis, or the flooding in the area this summer, or the Cardinals losing in the playoffs, Sultan would find a way to blame it all on President Trump.

It would be great to actually read one section of the paper that is positive and not polarizing, but it doesn’t look like it is possible.

Teresa Maraccini • St. Charles