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Letter: Gen. Milley wrong to circumvent commander in chief

Letter: Gen. Milley wrong to circumvent commander in chief

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Regarding the editorial “Was it wrong for the top general to thwart a clearly unhinged president?” (Sept. 15): What the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, did was just wrong. In my opinion, all presidents have acted in a way that was considered bordering on impeachable acts. It all depends on who is making the observation. From Abraham Lincoln suspending habeas corpus to Richard Nixon’s Watergate battles to Ronald Reagan’s Iran-contra issues and, finally, what I believe, are Joe Biden’s frequent lapses in judgment.

The military never has the authority to decide what is proper or legal. This is solely the responsibility of the commander in chief with oversight of the Congress. Milley acted in a way that many consider treasonous. He should not be praised or admired for what he did. No more so than if partisan Republican members of the military took it upon themselves to contravene an order from President Joe Biden. If that happened, I doubt the Post-Dispatch Editorial Board would publish the same analysis, as they did about Milley.

Mel Herr • Webster Groves

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