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Sen. Josh Hawley replied to a letter I wrote regarding impeachment, but it warrants a further response from me. First, the senator described impeachment as “overturning the will of the people.” This is incorrect. Impeachment is a duty of all members of Congress and one in which we expect members to carry out. Not doing so, especially in light of so much evidence, overturns the will of the people.

Secondly, the senator stated that calls for impeachment are partisan and politically motivated. This is also incorrect. Sen. Hawley and the other members of the Republican Party are acting in a partisan and politically motivated way by not calling for impeachment. The available evidence and witness testimony to this point demand it, and my elected officials are acting in a willfully blind, partisan and politically motivated way.

Once again, in his response to me, Sen. Hawley refers to the U.S. Constitution, but I fear he may be reading it selectively. It lays out actions he is required to take, and this should stop being used as an excuse for inaction.