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Proposed St. Louis County Library complex in Frontenac

A rendering of the interior of the St. Louis County History and Genealogy Center and Administrative Office proposed for Frontenac. Provided by the St. Louis County Library.

The St. Louis County Library Board seems intent on building monuments to itself. The new library in Clayton is a nice looking building with very little reason to visit. The book and magazine selections are rather limited. Much space is wasted, and there is less parking than before. The Sachs library in Chesterfield didn’t need renovation, but just like the Clayton library, it has lots of open, empty space that should hold materials.

From what I have read in the Post-Dispatch, the proposed new building in Frontenac is expensive and in a poorly thought-out location. I think lots of tax dollars are being wasted.

I propose we cut the county library tax levy to stop this tremendous waste and replace the board with people who are less interested in expensive buildings and more interested in having materials in abundance.

Steve Wulff • Richmond Heights