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Gov. Mike Parson

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)

Regarding “Abortion license is on the line this week as state and Planned Parenthood prepare to lock horns” (Oct. 28): This article by Kurt Erickson provides a robust summary of the state of affairs of the abortion fight in Missouri.

Gov. Mike Parson and Dr. Randall Williams have weaponized the process to block the license of Reproductive Health Services in St. Louis in an ongoing effort to stymie reproductive health care in Missouri altogether. Gov. Parson claims he aims to keep patients safe, but the facts tell us that what he’s doing not only ignores real medicine, it endangers Missourians.

Planned Parenthood has now, before the Administrative Hearing Commission, to prove that Parson’s administration is abusing the regulatory process to end abortion access in Missouri and fight for our state’s last clinic.

What the governor is doing is not only shameful, it cheapens and de-legitimizes a process that’s meant to improve safety and help citizens, not eviscerate access to a safe and legal medical procedure.

Alex Keeley • Kirkwood