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Gov. Mike Parson

Bolivar - Missouri Gov. Mike Parson at his cattle farm on Sept. 8, 2018.

Regarding “‘It was unbearable’: Inspectors seemed to be on a mission to close clinic, Planned Parenthood official testifies” (Nov. 2): Gov. Mike Parson has been a successful cattleman for decades. That fact makes one wonder. No owner of cattle would fail to provide health care to his animals. To do so would invite disease that would diminish their value. So owners know that it is essential to keep animals healthy with ready access to professional health care.

Gov. Parson has failed to extend commonsense animal husbandry to humans in Missouri who he now supposedly governs.

For example, Parson has shown no concern as 120,000 Missourians, including tens of thousands of children, have been removed from Medicaid rolls. Lack of access to care will mean needless death and suffering. It also will cause a significant increase in emergency room visits, a cost all Missourians will bear unnecessarily.

In addition, Parson and his health director Dr. Randall Williams have done everything they and the state can to obstruct and deny health care to younger Missouri women, almost resulting in closure of the state’s only Planned Parenthood facility.

Does Parson believe that cattle deserve access to health care, but that people, particularly poor people and women, do not? Apparently.

Arthur Hoffman • St.Louis