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Letter: Paying down the national debt is duty for all taxpayers

Letter: Paying down the national debt is duty for all taxpayers

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Regarding "McConnell says he won't help Dems raise debt limit again" (Oct. 8): The bad news is that the government has not been collecting enough taxes for the past 70 years or so. In the early 1950s, the debt was $260 billion. Today’s “debt clock” is closing in on $28 trillion. The difference is the amount the debt has grown in 70 years. The average over those seven decades is $396 billion per year that the government spent more than the taxes collected. Yes, a simple average doesn’t account for inflation. And practitioners of the dismal science (economics) like to compare the debt to the gross domestic product.

Those points only distract from the fact that elected officials from both parties have contributed to the problem. Each side has had its turns at spending for their priorities, but there has been no sustained effort to collect enough taxes to pay down the debt. The government must pay for all the things we need it to do for us. All taxpayers will need to pay for that. All means not just the top 1% or 10%.

Frank Wilderspin • University City

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