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Protests at new Planned Parenthood facility in Fairview Heights

From left: Jeff Whitney and his wife Nancy Whitney, both of Shiloh, and John Wagnon of O'Fallon, IL talk before the start of the rally. Students for Life of America and pro-life, anti-abortion advocates in Missouri and Illinois joined together to rally against Planned Parenthood at their new facility, 317 Salem Place in Fairview Heights, IL on October 9, 2019. Last week, Planned Parenthood announced it had been secretly constructing an updated facility in Illinois, 13 miles from the last existing facility in Missouri. Photo by Tim Vizer

Many feel that government shouldn’t interfere in people’s private lives. Yet, in Missouri, the Legislature has surrendered to the special interests who feel that a fetus is as much a person as anyone else, and, as a result, has a right to life. Consequently, we have the current law that (essentially) forbids women from ending their pregnancies, which I feel is an unwarranted interference.

Accordingly, a woman is forced to carry an unwanted fetus to term or run the risk of losing her right to life in a back-alley abortion. Then, once a baby is born, the woman has to live with the consequences (economic or otherwise).

In my opinion, if the Missouri Legislature feels it has the power to interfere in people’s lives and to uphold a right to life, it should take action against the sale of assault rifles instead. Designed and intended as weapons of war, assault rifles are the weapon of choice of many mass murderers. Indeed, numbers of actual people are deprived of their right to life by these weapons each year, yet I don’t hear any clamor from lawmakers. It makes me wonder if they really care all that much about life in the first place or are just pandering.

Robert Wanager • Hillsboro