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Letter: Racism being dead is a dangerous myth pushed by GOP

Letter: Racism being dead is a dangerous myth pushed by GOP

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Many whites are absolutely convinced that racism is nonexistent, a relic of the distant past. As a 90-year-old white guy, I beg to differ. Max Boot’s column “Historical myths are dangerous by design,” (July 18) makes a compelling case that the myth of racism being dead is a dangerous, white, feel-good GOP mantra.

The sanitized version of American history favored by Donald Trump supporters perpetuates the myth that the white signers of the Declaration of Independence, the majority of whom were slave owners, fully recognized the evils of slavery. This myth constitutes a 180-degree turn from the truth. This is not meant as a condemnation of our forefathers. As Boot points out, ”The Constitution was eventually amended to abolish slavery.”

What is so insidiously dangerous about the feel-good mythology is that it encourages an uninformed populace, unable to fathom that a democracy demands a vigorous, healthy, intelligent, well-informed electorate.

Richard W. Thoreson, PhD • Columbia, Mo.

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