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Letter: Reagan stayed popular because he invaded Grenada

Letter: Reagan stayed popular because he invaded Grenada

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Beirut Barracks Bombing

The scene around the U.S. Marine Base near Beirut Airport following a massive bomb blast that destroyed the base and killed 241 American service members on Oct. 23, 1983.

 In my opinion, the letter "1983 Beirut bombing didn't hurt Reagan's popularity" (Sept. 8) missed an accurate reading of recent history far better than even Fox News might twist, mangle or finagle.

On Oct. 23, 1983, 220 U.S. Marines, 18 U.S. sailors, and three U.S. soldiers lost their lives in the Marine Barracks in a bombing in Beirut. Two days later, replacement and re-enforcing Marines, already embarked for Lebanon, were suddenly diverted to the Caribbean island of Grenada, where they managed a spectacular invasion. 

So I believe in order to to compensate for dead troops in Beirut, someone arranged an immediate face-saving military victory in Grenada and heralded the liberation of American medical students there. President Ronald Reagan didn't seem to need to respond to threats in Lebanon or any part of the militant Islamic world. After the Grenada invasion, Reagan did indeed retain popularity.

Reagan skipped out from responsibility and blame, once again. Our troops actually died in the hundreds, but he came out with very good press, as usual.

Fred Tilinski • St. Peters 

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