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Regarding, “Ballpark boos a rarity for shielded president” (Oct. 28): One of the most significant changes in our culture today is the lack of respect shown by so many and to so many. The most blatant display of total disrespect occurred when President Donald Trump was shown on the scoreboard at the World Series. Many in the crowd booed and then chanted, “Lock him up.”

This was a major public sporting event, viewed across the nation and world. Regardless of how someone feels about President Trump personally, everyone should respect the office of president enough not to mock him at this type of event.

Perhaps this should be expected at a sporting event in Washington. Congress has a record of lies and a refusal to do their jobs. They were not elected to second-guess the decision of the American people and their election of President Trump.

When the 93rd Congress attempted to impeach President Richard Nixon they were also doing their jobs they were elected to do, passing new laws. In fact, they passed 772 bills that became law. When the impeachment process was conducted against President Bill Clinton, the 105th Congress passed 404 bills that became law. The current 116th Congress has only found time to pass 66 bills that have become law, putting them on track to pass 156 bills during their term. In my opinion, that shows a lack of respect for all those voters who supported these people and elected them to office.

Michael Skeen • O’Fallon, Mo.