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Letter: Schmitt's mask policy just designed to get him to Senate

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Regarding "Schmitt sues to overturn new St. Louis County mask order" (Jan. 6): Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt's pathetic attempt to look like a GOP hero by suing St. Louis County Executive Sam Page and by threatening public schools for mandating mask-wearing demonstrates that his real concern is to be elected to the Senate and not to advocate for the safety of his constituents.

The Page administration’s mandate is obviously an attempt to help reduce the rising and alarming number of coronavirus cases in our region, the most since the pandemic began, as well as protecting schools and students. Schmitt's transparency is embarrassing and shameful. His actions do not show a caring concern for the health of the nation but only for his own self-aggrandizement. Didn’t we have enough of that with the Donald Trump's administration?

Schmitt should get a real agenda for a change. That would set him apart from the rest of the Republican lemmings, who all appear to be willing to jump off a cliff to gain a political office.

Ralf Lucas • Maplewood 


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