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Letter: To avoid unwanted pregnancies, avoid sexual relations

Letter: To avoid unwanted pregnancies, avoid sexual relations

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Regarding “Activists focus on tip site in protesting Texas abortion law” (Sept. 8): I’ve always wondered why a woman believes an intrauterine baby is a part of her own body. Women are not born with a baby in their womb.

A baby develops as the result of intercourse or artificial insemination joining a female ovum and a male sperm. This happens, at least most of the time, as a voluntary decision between a woman and a man and sometimes results in a pregnancy. If a woman wants to control her body, and not risk getting pregnant, all she must do is not participate in the sexual act. How can a woman rationalize having an abortion when she voluntarily, at least in most instances, participated in the act that produced a baby? She should not have had intercourse in the first place.

Perhaps there should be a discussion of the cause and effect of a voluntary act and not decide after the fact that the result is an unwanted pregnancy. The fetus-baby-person in her womb is not part of her body, and thus she has no right to have an abortion. She does have the obligation to assure that she does not become pregnant as the result of a voluntary act, unless she plans to care for the result of her action.

Thomas A. Schneider Sr., M.D. • St. Charles

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