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Loop Trolley

People wait to ride the Loop Trolley at the Missouri History Museum on Nov. 2, 2019 (Post-Dispatch photo)

The Loop Trolley has been beleaguered by delays and has had negative press coverage from the outset. Some say that any further financial support is throwing good money after bad.

I’ve ridden the trolley with my children a few times. If only one trolley is running on a given day, forget about waiting around for it to show up.

But let’s not throw in the towel yet. The trolley’s critics should realize that the money is spent and the infrastructure is there. If the trolley can finally get all three cars operating, this could be a great asset for the neighborhood — as an attraction, not a way to get to work. Now is not the time to give up. If it needs a bit of support while it finds its feet, so be it. I’m not ready to write off the $51 million yet.

Drew Mashburn • St. Louis