Letter: Trump’s coronavirus response has been embarrassing

Letter: Trump’s coronavirus response has been embarrassing

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Regarding “If the pandemic-preparedness cupboard was bare, it was Trump’s doing” (May 25): Kudos to the Post-Dispatch for this editorial. Contrary to President Donald Trump’s contention that he was dealt a bad hand by the previous administration, the facts convincingly show that Trump and his administration blew our nation’s initial response to the pandemic and continue to spread questionable and often contradictory information and guidance to the public.

As we can see now, the president’s decision to cut key manpower positions and money from his budget for pandemic response was grossly irresponsible. The predictable result was a sputtering, naïve response by Trump that has led to the United States still recording, by far, the most confirmed cases and related deaths of all countries in the world. In fact, the U.S. totals are higher than those of several major countries combined. It’s a true embarrassment for a nation that Republicans always trumpet as having the finest health care system in the world. Trump has nearly broken that system.

As for the president’s blaming of China for not telling the truth about the extent and seriousness of the novel virus, an authentic genius would have been more cautious instead of readily accepting the Chinese report without first checking with our nation’s intelligence agencies. Instead, Trump happily accepted China’s official assessment and told the American people that the novel virus was a small problem, quickly contained in the U.S. and would be resolved shortly. When it wasn’t, the blame game started.

Tom O’Connor • St. Louis County

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