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Trump launches black outreach effort for 2020

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at the launch of "Black Voices for Trump," at the Georgia World Congress Center, Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Regarding “Another prominent news person defecting from Fox News” (Nov. 1): News Anchor Shepard Smith and Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge have both resigned from Fox News in recent weeks. Both had been with Fox from it’s beginning 23 years ago.

What has changed in the last couple of years to cause these shocking resignations? Smith said, “Facts will win out.” Herridge said, “Facts matter.”

Lying is the new norm. It’s acceptable. President Donald Trump can say he won the popular election, that he had the biggest inauguration crowd in history, that his father was born in Germany, and that his conversation with Ukraine's president was perfect. If he can say that he can shoot someone in Times Square and not lose a single follower, what do a few lies matter? Is anybody paying attention?

What bothers most of us is not that truth is on vacation, but that, because of this man, it may be gone forever.

Ken Kelly • Oakville