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Car hits Loop Trolley car

One of the Loop Trolley's car still has part of a door from the car that hit it on Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019. (@BuckSwope on Twitter)

Regarding “Loop Trolley says it needs $700,000 from St. Louis County to keep operating, and will reduce service" (Oct. 15): University City, what have you done to allow such damage to a once thriving city? The silence speaks for itself. One would think that someone in City Hall could have taken time to study the Loop Trolley plan, but Joe Edwards’ plans were adopted with minimal scrutiny. Numerous citizens were against it because construction and traffic problems would interfere with Delmar businesses. But no, it seems that very little attention was given to the plan. After all, the $40 million of construction fees attached to the project had the ability to open all kinds of doors.

I guess all the arguing and fighting kept everyone busy. The City Council should have listened to former University City councilwoman Elsie Glickert, who fought the trolley plan. But no one did.

Now the trolley needs about $700,000. A few rubber tire trolleys could have been used and saved around $39 million. But again, no one listened.

If the trolley tracks have to be removed, who would be responsible for the cost to restore Delmar? Mr. Edwards and company? Or do you leave the tracks as they are as a reminder of what happens when no one listens? Ms. Glickert and others have been proven that they were right all along.

Joseph Colegrove • Wildwood