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Loop Trolley

People wait to ride the Loop Trolley at the Missouri History Museum on Nov. 2, 2019 (Post-Dispatch photo)

Regarding “Officials pitch Missouri for high-speed Hyperloop test track” (Oct. 28): Looks like the latest shiny object to attract local leaders is the Missouri Hyperloop transportation system, which foresees sending people at high speeds between St. Louis and Kansas City. The trip in the magnetic tubular structure would take about a half hour to travel the roughly 250 miles (no potty stops). The cost would be somewhere north of $10 billion dollars, or about $40 million per mile.

Apparently, the grubstake locals only have to come up with a half a billion dollars for a 15-mile test track, which would only be $33 million per mile, at this time. Our most recent community transportation investment was the $50 million Loop Trolley, costing $22.7 million dollars per mile. It now needs $700,000 to keep rolling.

How about we compromise and show some vision? Let’s trade in those nostalgic, rarely functioning street cars for a Hyperloop Trolley. Imagine traveling at 500 mph between the History Museum and the University City Loop. That’s almost as fast as a stolen car headed down Delmar Boulevard. Tubular, dude!

Craig Niehaus • Glendale