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St. Louis County Board of Elections keeping busy

Absentee voters make their ballot choices on Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, at the St. Louis County Board of Elections in St. Ann. Photo by J.B. Forbes,

Apparently the Post-Dispatch editorial board thinks rural voters are uninformed because they don’t have the benefit of the liberal media from urban areas ("Disservice to democracy," Nov. 9). It can also be argued that urban voters are uninformed because they have the liberal media from urban areas.

The minimum wage hike is a good example. While a $4.15-an-hour pay increase over four years may sound good, it may not be in the best interest of minimum-wage workers to support the measure. It was not emphasized nearly enough that three people making $8 an hour would likely end up being two people making $12 an hour and one person being unemployed.

Why can’t the media present all the facts, the pros and the cons, varying viewpoints, so that we can be properly informed and not manipulated? When roughly half the people are Democrats and half Republicans, why are the Opinion and Other Views sections of the paper mostly pro-liberal?

About the only unbiased section of this paper is the Sports section. When a Democrat hits a solo home run and it counts for two runs, that’s when I will cancel my subscription.

I would like the Post-Dispatch to fix two parts of the platform printed at the bottom of this Opinion page. “Never belong to any party” and “always be drastically independent” should be changed to “Never belong to the Republican Party” and “always be drastically liberal.”

Terry Heuring  •  Farmington, Mo.

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