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Regarding “Frontenac sues county library district in effort to stop $20 million project” (July 5): I cannot be the only St. Louis County resident who is concerned about the actions of the St. Louis County Library District. Their plan to build a new headquarters and genealogical research center on a $6 million property in Frontenac, for which they did not first have an appraisal, demonstrates a lack of understanding of how public money is to be used.

Why choose Frontenac as the site for headquarters? Why not build in an underutilized area of the county where the land is cheaper and the building could spur new development? Maybe it could be near a mass transit site, which could diversify the employees and the users of the center. Instead, they take a $6 million dollar property off the tax rolls, develop a plan not seen suitable by the municipality in which it is to be located, and now they must spend money on a lawsuit.

The county executive appoints the board. We need new appointments, persons who understand that they are stewards of tax dollars and must use their funding for the betterment of their community.

Mary Ann Cook • Clayton