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Vote No on Prop A post-election party

Chet Bogus (left) and Scott Eschenbrenner cheer as results are announced during a post-election gathering of union members involved in the Vote No on Prop A campaign at the Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 in St. Louis Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018. The proposition, which was defeated, would have added Missouri to the list of states with"right to work" labor laws. Photo by Sid Hastings

Missouri voters have sent an overwhelming message that the working class is the driving force of a prosperous state.

It is exciting for the nation to realize that “right to work” is not the answer for us here in Missouri. The Legislature that tried to engage Missouri as a right-to-work state should take this as a lesson learned as they find themselves on the losing side of a landslide on Proposition A. The working class and unions provide Missouri with the capabilities that benefit the economy.

Labor unions will continue to train their members with the highest industry standards allowing the working class to provide a fiscal backbone for this state’s economy.

Hopefully, politicians can spend their time creating positive opportunities for Missouri instead of wasting time attacking labor that is driving Missouri’s economy, education, health care and safe working environments.

Congratulations to the working class.

Dan Dempster • Ellisville