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Recently a letter appeared in my Postal Service mailbox with the message on the envelope to "process immediately" because this was a "Congressional District Document.” The message inside included the sentence, “Enclosed is your official 2019 Congressional District Census registered Code #J19PG028 in your name as a representative of Saint Louis.”

My first reaction was that this was an early 2020 census mailing, but I soon found that it was a “push poll,” pretending to be a legitimate questionnaire, but with the object of trying to sway voters with manipulative questions.

Being a lifelong Democratic Party voter, I wondered about several things. Why did the Republican Party select my name? Why was the poll directed to “key members and supporters" whose opinions “will be used to build a nationwide grassroots network” rather than to the public at large? Was the use of the word “census” in the headings on the introductory letter and the poll document itself purposely misleading? Was the question, “Do you think that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-controlled House are holding president Trump’s agenda hostage and putting their political interests ahead of the good of our country?” generated by an unbiased survey methodology?

Jerry Cox • Kirkwood