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This extreme and dangerous Missouri legislation criminalizes abortion as early as eight weeks, before some women even know they’re pregnant, with no exception for rape or incest. The bill now goes to the desk of Gov. Mike Parson, who has made clear his willingness to sign.

For many Missourians, the unconstitutional ban would remove access to safe abortion. It violates Supreme Court precedent in an attempt to ultimately overturn Roe v Wade. Abortion is an incredibly personal and sometimes complex decision that should and must occur between a pregnant woman, her family and her doctor — not categorically decided by politicians inexperienced in matters of reproductive and maternal health care.

In a state already lacking health care and an abysmal maternal mortality rate that exceeds that of some developing nations, Gov. Parson and anti-choice state lawmakers have made the express decision to fuel the continuing decay of health care in Missouri. They also uphold the egregious claim that the government deserves a hand in the bodily autonomy and deeply personal parenting choices of pregnant Missourians. I call on the governor to reject this unconstitutional ban.

Alex Keeley • Kirkwood