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Regarding “Death of merit system in Missouri marks end of good government” (June 11, 2018): This letter was prophetic because, about a year later, the concerns expressed in it have turned out to be true. These concerns being political pressure, nepotism, cronyism, and revenge under the new employment system.

Examples being the recent allegations involving the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment and the resignation of director Alice Prince and the allegations that $5.4 million in job training money was embezzled by a St. Louis Community College employee. Where was the state oversight with these issues? There was none.

Sure, the Republican line is that whistleblowers will be protected, but that’s more or less a lie. Sure there are “whistleblower protections,” but it takes a long time for those protections to be adjudicated. How does a whistleblower pay bills while the process drags on for months and years?

No employees, whether private or public, should have to worry that one day their manager will start firing people just because their staff reported fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. I agree employees who cannot, or will not, do their job should be terminated. However there needs to be a better reason than someone on a power trip just wants to throw a tantrum.

Edward Greenslit • Jefferson City