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Levi Moses adoption

Kevin Moses holds his son, Levi, after he and his wife, Brittiany, right, completed adoption proceedings on June 5. With them is St. Louis County Circuit Court Judge Sandra Farragut-Hemphill. Photo taken by Doug Brinkmann. Provided by Moses family with permission. 

Regarding “Missouri leaves drug-dependent child in medical limbo after taking, then dropping, custody” (June 30): Tony Messenger’s column about Levi Moses has made me ashamed to be a Missourian. The present state administration is “pro-life” and has just passed a draconian anti-choice bill. The heartless and reprehensible lack of care and concern for actual Missouri children is infuriating. What is the matter with these politicians and bureaucrats? Every child deserves adequate medical care. Obviously, these politicians are only pro-birth and not interested in the health and well-being of the living children in our state.

Helen Nelling • University City