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Large scale hog farms

Circuit Court Judge Patricia Joyce has put a temporary halt to a new law aimed at reining in local regulations on large-scale farms. 

Associated Press photo

Regarding “Missouri law governing corporate farms now in effect” (Sept. 18): Recently, I saw that Gov. Mike Parson has proclaimed October as Missouri Pork Month.

Perhaps this means that owners of out-of-state Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations will be heavily courted anew (the “pork”) for donations to Missouri Republicans in return for having pushed through legislation that allows for the pollution and accompanying stench throughout rural Missouri.

Alas, it also tragically means that 3.5 million hogs — sentient, intelligent, social and emotional creatures — are being raised this year in cramped inhumane conditions, only to be slaughtered in horrific assembly-line fashion. Instead, let’s celebrate Pork Month by swearing off bacon, ham and pork chops. There are plant-based substitutes available at local stores and now at restaurants. All animals subjected to Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations are horribly abused. Let’s be the agents of change to reduce their propagation and suffering.

William Ash • University City