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When I turn on the television news, I want to know precisely what happened. When the facts are not known, I don’t want to hear from every so-called eyewitness on the scene. I don’t want a microphone stuck in the traumatized faces of victims or the families of the bereaved. I don’t want continuous chaos, interpretation, speculation, labeling, and the drama that passes for coverage.

I want the facts that are confirmed. I want those seeking information about their loved ones to be told how best to get that information. And I want to know how people can help if they desire to do so.

I want the news media to tell me what happened, and what is happening, not what they want as a result. I want them to step back, take a breath and shut up. Let the investigators work.

I want the life trajectory of any perpetrator to be investigated. I want to know curves in that life path that occurred before the event.

Considering all the mass shootings this year, we should have been developing algorithms that can be studied to tell us what commonalities exist between perpetrators. Let’s put aside our views to look at contributing factors.

Spare me the extras that pass for news.

Pat Jackson • Florissant