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Regarding “Disgraceful migrant treatment betrays our principles” (July 29): I am certainly thinking that the good, faithful Catholics of St. Louis need to buy Sister Agnes Brueggen a TV with more than the CNN channel.

Nothing this liberal nun speaks to is fact, yet she relies on her title to make it seem she is overwhelmed with caring for the poor migrants. I find it most interesting that if she truly felt so concerned for these people, she would pack up and head to the involved country, because the real needy people are not in those photos. The people in these photos have their iPhones, fancy clothes and marched in flip flops. Really?

The real victims are those still in these Central American countries. This begs the question: Sister, why are you not down there helping them? Teach these downtrodden to fight for their country like the people of United States did.

I, like many other faithful Catholics, am truly sick of hearing liberals, namely the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, telling caring good people that there is injustice being done. Sister Brueggen, not one thing you wrote was truthful, and sadly, you don’t even realize it and you mistakenly think you are doing God’s work.

Prayers for you, and those like you hiding behind a habit.

Jane Petry • Sunset Hills