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Going through registration process

Jeffrey Yin, of Maryland Heights, waits in line to renew his plates at the Central West End Driver License and Vehicle Registration Office at 3917 Lindell Boulevard in St. Louis on Monday, March 25, 2019. To renew license plates in Missouri, safety and emissions tests often are required, as is showing proof of insurance and a paid personal property tax receipt as well as paying registration and processing fees. Photo by Cristina M. Fletes,

Regarding Dennis Guilliams' Aug. 18 letter to the editor ("State license offices make tooth removal seem like fun"): I am reluctant to write this, as it will likely result in longer waits, but it’s obvious that Mr. Guilliams has never visited the O'Fallon, Mo., and Wentzville license offices. They have been operated by the same folks, and continue to be as far as I know.

The service level at these two establishments is top-notch — fast, courteous and thorough. His experience is nowhere near the experience I've had.

It is not fair to paint all of the agencies with one broad brush.

Kevin P. Kertz • St. Paul, Mo.