Voting in St. Charles

A child rides in a backpack child carrier as voters fill out their ballots at the polling station at the Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, in St. Charles. The woman declined to be identified. Photo by Chris Lee,

Few people seem concerned about the dark reality (none of them Republican) that I’m about to address. A basic tenet of our democracy, tamper-proof elections, was attacked and compromised in 2016. From Russian interference to foreign Facebook accounts falsely accusing and attacking Hillary Clinton, coordinated efforts were put in place to help ensure Donald Trump won.

To ensure fair and honest elections in 2020, the use of electronic voting machines in America must be eliminated. It has been proven 14-year-old hackers can infiltrate the electronic machines very quickly. From here on out, we must demand only paper ballots be used.

At every polling place, there are equal numbers of Democratic and Republican officials. The paper ballots are placed in locked steel containers after votes have been cast and hand-counted by both sides. This is the only way to ensure votes are correctly counted. Steps are already in place to ensure no one votes more than once. If there is confusion, the ballot is held as a provisional one until it can be verified.

Our Missouri senators do not care about the sanctity of our elections because it benefits them directly. For them, it’s party over country. This makes them complicit and just as corrupt.

Eliminating all electronic voting machines must happen before the next election.

Scott Miller • St. Louis