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Confronting Gov. Mike Parson

"I am out here because I am outraged. 70 percent of Americans want safe legal abortion, it's ridiculous we have to fight this," said Shauna Garside of Webster Groves, (pink), a member of CountHER Movement, who was one of seven people who confronted Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (far left), as he entered a studio to film an interview on Thursday, May 30, 2019, at University Club Tower. It appeared the group, mostly suburban housewives but one, caught the governor and his security detail off guard, as they shouted questions. The group opposes the anti-abortion law Parson signed, and that the license for St. Louis? abortion clinic is in jeopardy. In the center is former state Rep. Stacey Newman. Photo by Laurie Skrivan,

I recently heard Gov. Mike Parson talk about “standards of care” for women while trying to explain his attack on Planned Parenthood and Missouri women’s rights. What a joke. If you read the court documents, you’ll see state lawmakers require women to undergo two invasive, traumatic, non-medically recommended pelvic exams to bully and punish women seeking their constitutionally-protected right to abortion.

It’s comparable to state-sponsored rape in my opinion, and it makes the claim that Missouri cares about standards of care as laughable as Parson’s claim that he cares about women’s health. How about every man suspected of creating an unwanted pregnancy undergo a mandatory cystoscopy or two? Look it up, then tell me about women’s rights.

Erin Shetler • St. Charles