Perhaps Democrats, not Trump, inspired shooters

Perhaps Democrats, not Trump, inspired shooters

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For my entire youth, I watched “The Three Stooges.” Believe it or not, I have never considered hitting anyone in the head with a hammer, and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t have blamed the hammer.

We have become a whom-can-I-blame? society, with most politicians leading the pack. Nobody is willing to take responsibility for his or her own actions. It is always someone else’s fault. The incessant name calling and personal criticism by politicians, web users and the ordinary people are pathetic and need to stop. Only the perpetrators should be blamed, not anyone else.

Picture all of our mothers saying, “If someone told you to jump off a bridge would you do it too?” Since many liberals are blaming President Donald Trump’s rhetoric, let’s logically consider it for a moment. What would set off these morally bankrupt individuals? Someone who theoretically agrees with their warped thoughts or someone who not only challenges their beliefs but promises to make their perceived life worse by increasing the very thing they hate? I don’t think it is a coincidence that these acts happened just a few days after the Democratic debates where the candidates expressed their liberal views. If you think words caused these tragedies, then Democrats may need to look in the mirror.

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