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North Hanley police station camera covered up by county police

In a still frame grab from surveillance video, an unidentified St. Louis County Police officer appears to be placing a sheet of paper in front of a security camera on Feb. 9, 2017, at the North Hanley security office at the MetroLink station.  Photo via Metro Department of Public Safety

The front-page column “Camera cover-up” (July 23),  describing how St. Louis County Police officers covered up a camera in a MetroLink substation and were not out patrolling the MetroLink line raises serious questions:

• Where is the shift supervisor that these officers report to, and why is he not ensuring they get out of that substation and patrol MetroLink?

• How great is the police presence in areas of the city of St. Louis where so much recent crime has been committed?

• Is it possible that police all over the country are concerned that their commanders, mayors, governors and even the Department of Justice will not back their efforts to enforce the law, after seeing the incredibly tepid response by Gov. Jay Nixon and the Obama administration to the rioting, looting and arson in Ferguson, and by officials in other U.S. cities?

I think Gov. Eric Greitens ought come to St. Louis, hold one of his famous press conferences, and make it plain that there will never be a repeat of the rioting, looting and arson that occurred in Ferguson on his watch, that any such crime will be met with whatever force is necessary to prevent harm to citizens and property, up to and including killing those who cannot otherwise be stopped. Further, he will help local police departments heavily arm officers and step up patrols in troubled areas.

I think that President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions need to hold a press conference and make it clear that they will support local and state law enforcement in preventing a repeat of the violence and chaos that we saw three years ago, and that we see every day in our cities and towns.

Kenneth Ciszewski  •  Overland