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Former National supermarket site on Natural Bridge

Rubble is all that is left of the National supermarket at 4331 Natural Bridge Avenue in St. Louis as seen on Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019. Photo by David Carson,

Please tell me why the Post-Dispatch decided to do a front page story on “St. Louis' Worst Mass Shooting" (Sept. 29). It does not seem to serve any purpose to rehash a tragic crime of 32 years ago. It should be the job of the city’s paper to report news of the day, not to dredge up a story to sensationalize violent crime.

The fact that the site is going to be developed could have been an upbeat, positive story for our city and its residents. Instead, the reporter seems to believe that this is a great way to give us all insight into St. Louis' crime history. I don’t think that this is what we need.

Lecil Saller • St. Louis