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I am saddened by President Donald Trump’s belligerent rhetoric toward Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md. The Rev. Robert Jeffress, a Southern Baptist minister in Dallas, said in defense of Trump, “He judges people on whether they support him. If you embrace him, he’ll embrace you. If you attack him, he’ll attack you.” Jeffress goes on to call this the "definition" of colorblindness, but his comments look more like the definition of blindness to the evidence of sin.

If Jeffress and other religious-right leaders want to stand up for Trump and his White House, so be it. They will be little more than modern-day false prophets of the court. But those who want to be faithful to Jesus Christ will seek repentance for their sins and those of this nation, its president and its leaders, with emphasis on the sin of racism. They will uphold those who suffer from oppression, poverty and hunger; and serve all people with humility, love and respect, regardless of their race, place of origin, gender and orientation.

Michael Hoy • St. Louis County