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St. Louis County Police MetroLink policing

A St. Louis County Police car drives past the Clayton MetroLink train station platform on Friday, July 21, 2017. Photo by David Carson,

On July 3, I rode MetroLink from the North Hanley station to the Busch Stadium station. When I arrived at the North Hanley station, there was a large presence of law enforcement officers. I was quite pleasantly surprised.

For many years I have taken MetroLink to attend Cardinals baseball games. I must admit that on July 3, I was hesitant to ride MetroLink in light of the recent criminal incidents on trains or platforms. However, friends convinced me to ride MetroLink, citing the large crowds that would be riding to the game.

I was delighted to see the law enforcement officers at the North Hanley station when I arrived. There was a Homeland Security officer and several St. Louis County officers. At one point, officers had a man in handcuffs and were escorting him across the parking lot, possibly to a police van.

On the ride down, there were officers on the train for part of the ride.

Returning from Busch Stadium station after the game, there were law enforcement officers at the top of the stairs going down to the platform, and when we arrived back at North Hanley, there was a presence of many officers.

I can’t speak to the situation described in Tony Messenger's column (July 24), but I know on July 3 the police were visible and on duty. I am grateful for their service.

Jeannie Boettcher  • Ferguson