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Yet again the Post-Dispatch provides the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests with the opportunity to spit its anti-Catholic message ("In Rome, hopeful signs. In the U.S., not so much," Oct. 11). Still, I continue to hope that you may someday make a real effort to examine just whom it is you are allowing to preach through your pages.

Who or what is SNAP? How are they funded? Do any of their benefactors benefit financially from their SNAP connections? Do any nonvictims profit financially from this organization? How many members are there? Do they have their own policies and procedures to protect children? It is my understanding that David Clohessy was himself deposed recently. If so, what did that reveal? This group that demands transparency from Catholics seems to be a secret society.

Clearly the sexual abuse of children is an awful crime. But to continually present it as a Catholic crime is absurd and offensive. To blame one group for a societal tragedy is the essence of bigotry. The fact that SNAP seems to think of itself as heroic gives it one more trait in common with other hate groups.

The media should scrutinize this bunch before validating them.

Robert Furey  •  Webster Groves