Vigil for St. Louis murder victim Rochelle Calhoun

"She wanted to make the world better," said Hilda Calhoun of Dellwood, left, the mother of Rochelle Calhoun, who died after being shot multiple times in an alley outside her home last week. Calhoun hugs her daughter Michelle Calhoun of Florida, at a candlelight vigil for Rochelle on Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019, outside Rochelle's home along the 5500 block of Thrush Avenue. Photo by Laurie Skrivan,

It's well known there are more firearms in America than citizens. Knowing this, it's reasonable to assume the 6 million residents of Missouri own a roughly equal number of guns. And each day throughout Missouri, millions of gun owners cause no harm with those guns.

Yet the city of St. Louis is fraught with murder, mayhem, death, destruction and the killings of more than a dozen innocent children. St. Louis doesn't have a gun problem — it has a people problem.

Michael Van Wallis • Wildwood