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Going through registration process

Jeffrey Yin, of Maryland Heights, waits in line to renew his plates at the Central West End Driver License and Vehicle Registration Office at 3917 Lindell Boulevard in St. Louis on Monday, March 25, 2019. To renew license plates in Missouri, safety and emissions tests often are required, as is showing proof of insurance and a paid personal property tax receipt as well as paying registration and processing fees. Photo by Cristina M. Fletes,

One of the most feared and despised exercises for thousands of Missouri residents is being a customer at one of the state's vehicle licensing bureaus.

These are often poorly furnished, poorly decorated, cramped, cold facilities, and are frequently reflective of something George Orwell describes in "1984." As state residents, we fear having to go to these places of waste and anxiety because of the amount of time spent waiting in lines that often end with no results being achieved. This portion of the state bureaucracy needs the immediate attention of our governor.

Whoever would make a commitment to improving the level of organization, service and efficiency of these offices would most assuredly be elected by a landslide to any office in any Missouri general election. I would think that more voters would elect to undergo tooth removal without anesthesia than have to do business at one of Missouri's license bureaus.

Gov. Mike Parson, please, put together a commission or task force or some group to tackle this problem, which plagues our state. Let them survey, solicit testimony and acquire proposed solutions from the public that retain the revenue for our state that is necessary. But also let them acquire it through a process that is more tolerable, more efficient and less painful than the one currently in place.

Dennis Guilliams • Ladue