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I would hope that everyone who has watched the actions of Steve Stenger, in his grandiose scheme to become King of St. Louis, realizes that there are many more people responsible for his bullying and intimidating methods than just him. If any kind of consideration of a more lenient sentence is possible, then it should be on the condition that everyone involved with Stenger be named and indicted.

These people should be driven out of the shadows of power and privilege they hide behind and forced to take responsibility for their crimes as well. It is beyond comprehension to me how quickly St. Louis city and county fell for the proposal to name Stenger the heir apparent to the throne of the political kingdom of Metropolitan St. Louis, just because of a suggestion that we would be “better together.”

Surely this was not because of his charisma or charming ways. Hopefully, citizens will get justice here, and an example will be set for future elected officials. These officials should honor their oaths and do the work that they are elected for, not advance the schemes and hidden agendas of a few generous donors.

Mike Brennell • St. Louis