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Precious Jones

Precious Jones. Post-Dispatch photo by Tony Messenger.

When is Tony Messenger going to get off his ridiculous debtors prison tirade? I don’t read all his columns as I actually have a life, but there have been several on this subject.

In one, a man wasn’t conscientious enough to remember his court date. One person had expired plates, which Messenger compared to a minor offense. Since most drivers without a valid license and registration also don’t have insurance, I hope Messenger still considers it a minor violation when an uninsured driver hits someone and that person has to pick up thousands of dollars in bills.

Another column was about charging criminals for their incarceration. Why should law-abiding citizens foot the bill for criminals who can’t follow rules?

I could have saved Messenger a lot of words. All his columns could be replaced with this: Stop breaking the law.

Dennis Kelley  •  Kirkwood

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