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On July Fourth, our president staged a campaign event/parade worthy of a South American or Eastern European dictator, complete with pavement-buckling tanks and military jet flyovers. At the Mexican border, his intentionally cruel policies toward immigrants seeking asylum, legally, have men and women in cages and children as young as infants separated from their parents, all without proper food, sanitation or medical care.

It is worth stating, especially on July Fourth, that President Donald Trump’s actions, policies and attitudes are not normal. As a nation, we do not characterize ourselves as militaristic. We are a nation of immigrants. We try to practice tolerance, or at least tell ourselves that we should. We do not promote or devise policies that encourage cruelty, especially to children.

It is easy to forget that Mr. Trump is not normal. He is an aberration. We cannot give up on the values that made America truly great, none of which were on display July 4 in the policies or practices of Donald Trump.

Trump is not normal. Never forget it.

John Wallace • St. Louis