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It is obvious to me Post-Dispatch editor Gilbert Bailon and Tod Robberson, editor of editorial page, are obsessed with doing all they can to discredit and unseat Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Every day, the newspaper seems to only publish negative stories or editorial comments that disparage President Trump. It has been said that Trump has lied over 10,000 times since he has been in office. I concede that he does embellish his facts at times, but so does the newspaper. Who counts all of the media lies or embellishments?

Regarding the editorial, “Putin’s Big Win” (July 28): The editorial board says that Russia tried and failed to alter vote outcomes in the election, and it admits that the meddling took place under Obama’s administration. Even more astounding is the editorial then chastises the Republicans.

The real truth is, Trump won in the Electoral College. He also ran a better campaign than Hillary Clinton did.

So my advice to Post-Dispatch editors and staff is to get over it. Trump is president. There are many positives that you could cite instead of promoting negatives. I truly believe that the media today are responsible for most of the division in this country because of agenda-driven reporting and editorializing for the agenda. The agenda being ”get Trump.”

D.R. Phillips • Eureka